About me and bluebirrrrd.com

Hi again!

I'm Anna Kurylo, a Ukrainian person living in the Czech Republic. My day job is engineering management (I currently work at Red Hat), and in my spare time, I love to travel, explore new things, and learn from other people.

I have my own podcast in Ukrainian called "Хочу як ти" (roughly translated as "I want to be just like you") which is focused on learning from other people's experiences. I ask people how they got started in their profession, in a hobby or in solving a particular challenge in life. You're welcome to give it a listen!

I also enjoy contributing to tech communities, so here's a couple of my most recent inputs:

This blog is my side project and an attempt to make a blog with a GUI for editing which wouldn't require hosting on DigitalOcean, like my old blog on WordPress did. This website is created with Gatsby and gets deployed via Netlify. If you're interested in specifics, the code is available on GitHub.

I don't expect this blog to have regular updates, so if you're interested to learn more about my life, check out my Instagram or Twitter.