New blog, who dis?

It's a redesign. You guessed it, again.

It's been 6 months since I wrote something on my blog. The reason for that is simple: I didn't like what I had as much, thus I had no desire to use the tools I chose.

My journey with blogging goes way back to 2010, I guess: frist I had a blog on Blogger, then I kind of grew up from it and decided I need something of my own (plus paying $15 for my own domain didn't seem like a good idea for a university student), so I got a GitHub Student Developer Pack and $100 for DigitalOcean with it. That's how my blog on WordPress appeared.

A couple years later, I realized I don't want to pay for DigitalOcean anymore since I don't post as often, so I started looking into static solutions like GitHub Pages. I was learning Python at the time, so when I found out that I could have a mini-version of a CMS that would generate static content for me, I got really excited. That's how I switched to Lektor.

One thing I didn't like about Lektor is that if I wanted things to look nice, I had to build them myself. Also, building client-facing pages in Python was not as much fun as I would like that to be. And that brings us to this new iteration of my blog, yay!

This one is built on Gatsby and has a Netlify CMS under the hood for managing the content in a beautiful way. The deploy process is done via Netlify (you can have a free account with some limited functionality, which is just enough for deploying a blog).

I didn't bother with writing everything myself and used this very cool starter to get things up and running. If you want to check out how I modified it, here's a link to this blog on my GitHub

This is going to be a work-in-progress, but I think that done is better than perfect, so I'm happy to finally ship something I enjoy using.

Let me know what you think! Oh wait, I didn't put the comments section here :D Well, let me know on Twitter then!

Until next time, Anna