Brno tourist guide: things you'll definitely face

Transportation, currency, food. [Still in progress]

If you're reading this, I suppose you're going to Brno sometime soon. I'm writing this for all of my friends that (I hope) eventually will visit me. If you've never met me online or in person, keep reading anyway — hope you'll find something useful.

1. Getting here

There are a couple of ways to arrive to Brno using civil transportation: you can come by the plane, by train or by bus.


Ryanair flies to Brno from London, Milan, and Berlin, so you can arrive from there for cheap.

There are also a couple of tour operators that have flights to southern countries, but I'm not sure which ones.

Or, you could fly to Vienna, Bratislava, or Prague, and then take a train or a bus to Brno. Usually it's cheaper if you are from the cities that are not on the list above.


There are two major companies on the railways of the Czech Republic: Czech Railways (České dráhy) and RegioJet. Both have pretty good connections between the major cities, but I personally prefer RegioJet because of better service. Also, in my personal experience, RegioJet arrives on time more often than Czech Railways. And with RegioJet, you can return your ticket free of charge until 15 mins from departure, which is also very cool.

You can buy tickets to most connections online, and both websites have English UI, so booking a ticket should be pretty straightforward.


For buses, there are many options: RegioJet, FlixBus, etc etc. I have traveled by both RegioJet and FlixBus, and I think they both are pretty solid. Just choose whatever's best for you, the buses arrive to pretty much the same place.

2. Getting around here

Google Maps is mostly good with building routes, unless there's some construction work happening — then it can send you in the wrong direction. To have the right directions all the time, install the app DPMBinfo — it's available for both Android and iPhones. It is an official app of the Brno Public Transportation Company, and you can check all the schedules, and even location of buses/trams there.

Brno iD — buy a ticket online and just carry a card with you.

Or, buy a ticket in the vending machines. The ones on the main train station accept credit cards with wireless payments (NFC).

3. Food

I feel like Czech people hate vegetables: that's why they fry them or just don't add them to their meals.